The Empress’ New Clothes

Kiss the lips to see who else had fun this weekend

I realised, to my shame, about 10 days ago that every piece of underwear I own bar one very functional black bra had appeared at some point on here or twitter…on me or on the lovely Mr Hunt, who can be persuaded to dress to the occasion if I want photos.

In late February (remember those days when we made plans) I had come to a similar realisation and bought for my weekend away a new bra and a basque. But I have been changing shape and they’re now too big… although the basque did get a run out in last weeks photos and I think if I change the lacing I can perhaps get it smaller.

There is still more than plenty of me to go round, but I have fixed my blood sugar (which was the reason for changing my diet) and worked my way back 9 years and two babies, give or take nothing quite going back to where it used to be.

Anyhow, I was feeling a bit ‘meh’ about my body. The implication that slimmer is aesthetically more pleasing is a bit lost on me. I hadn’t realised how much I didn’t associate with my own body until loosing weight this year, which I can tell by my clothes, but can’t see in the mirror. I had to buy new work uniform, and thought I would treat myself to new underwear.

Several twitterers and bloggers have beautiful undies they review, but I am still a bit generous for most mainstream websites. The fantastic Little Switch Bitch reminded me that Lovehoney caters for curvy, and off I went.

Tonight, Mr Hunt and I had a date, and I dressed accordingly as he bribed the children to bed with a new audible.

It wasn’t supposed to involve a camera, but because he takes note of the details, Mr Hunt knew the photo I’d intended for Sinful Sunday was also intended for a Kink of the Week I hadn’t finished writing, so he suggested taking some while we enjoyed gin and tonic and the peace and quiet of the garden bed.

This is the photo he chose to share.

I think he quite likes the new clothes.

Technically, I am wearing a dress…

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    1. Getting my ear done up high to check out the piercer was much more painful than my nipples! Mind you child 3 breastfed to over 3 years old so I’m surprised I can feel anything. We had a lovely night thank you x

    1. I got mine done about 18 months ago. It was something I’d always fancied and after child 3 finished breast feeding I wanted to reclaim them as mine rather than a baby feeding station…if not now then when..? Also heavily influenced by a random guest post on EA’s blog I think, a boob shot from a lady on the cusp of a mastectomy. I think if my boobs ever had to go, I’d want to know they’d been celebrated rather than hidden away… anyway I’m rambling, but I was firmly past 40 before I got them done x

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