Nobody does it better…

Kiss the lips to see the imaginative ideas for movie week

I love and hate prompt weeks in equal measure. I tend to be too literal and constrained by the prompt and then look at everyone else’s beautiful, sensual and/or funny images and feel disappointed with myself.

This week was tricky, but this was something I’d wanted to do for a couple of months. Mr Hunt in a suit is hot, and I miss the days early in our marriage where he wore a suit to the office everyday. Any excuse to get my headless man in a suit onto the page.

Admittedly he didn’t have a martini in hand at work, but I bought him the glasses as a Bond tribute the first Christmas we were together.

I don’t have a favourite Bond. But Mr Hunt was game for a few poses from promo pictures from Roger Moore through to Daniel Craig.

This much hairiness is much more reminiscent of Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan though…

All he’s missing is the gun…

…and the girl.

But he got me later.

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  1. Sooo many good pictures but I think the 2nd one down is my favourite, the suggestion of him about to roll up his sleeves is so sexy


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