The Little Blue Dress

Monday night is rapidly becoming rope night and I am really appreciating the kick up the backside to get playing.

I love the rhythmic feeling as I am shaped by each pass of the rope. Just discarding my work clothes and putting on a little something for under the rope felt decadent.

Here I am, all dressed up and only one place to go.

5 Replies to “The Little Blue Dress”

  1. I like what you put on for under the rope. Cobalt blue really pops. That’s one fabulous tie, I like the way it’s twisted in places. Nice touch with the leaf at the bottom, btw.

    1. Just what happens when you take photos in the garden at the last minute! It was a great tie and I am fortunate to have a very talented husband, in rope and other things.

  2. Omg!! Wow. I’m a little mesmerised. The combination of this blue rope and your dress is so attractive. I love how the rope work accentuates your boobs and that the dress is more see-through on the upper part of your body. This looks both sophisticated and sexy and I love the addition of the blue collar. I’m so glad you joined in with tie me up Tuesday!!

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