Kiss the lips to find all the beautiful images from this week’s challenge

The above 10 degree nights continued later this year than others, and it was mid-December, after the Christmas lights had gone up that we said farewell to the spa for the year. We took photos to remind us why hanging out naked in our tiny garden is so important to us, to help motivate us when it’s time to put it back up in Spring.

For us, it is space and bonding. An excuse to just be in each other’s presence with no additional distractions. A place where we are stripped bare with each other in every way possible.

The ever lovely Mr Hunt is shyer about his photos that I am about mine, but I think that confidence comes from the lovely reactions and kind comments I’ve experience here. Part of our Christmas gifts to each other are a printed selection of our favourite photos of each other from these photo sessions which we are going to hang in our bedroom. I’ve picked this one.

God, I’m a lucky person to have got all his spectacular qualities wrapped up in this rather lovely packaging.

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