Christmas Stockings

Treated myself, and by default, the lovely Mr Hunt, to some Snag “Sexy AF” garter tights. My legs are ridiculously long, so I’ve never had stockings come this far up my legs before and I really love the look.

This was Christmas Eve, with a freshly spanked behind, ready to throw myself into the last preparations. It was lovely to know- to feel them – beneath my clothes all day, whilst cracking on with being the public-facing, domestic manager all day. Having the carers in for the kids is a real privilege, but, my goodness, the six of them (kids and au pairs) take some management when it comes to excitement and lack of structure. The stockings, and the slightly warmed backside, were my powersuit- a reminder of who I am when I’m me rather than “Mum”.

And, God, I need that sometimes.

There are lots more gorgeous images out there… follow the two links below if this is your Christmas cup of tea.

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