Too Hot!

Kiss the lips to see who else is being Sinful this Sunday

I’m no good in humid weather. It makes me fidgety and unsettled and I can’t bear to be touched. By hands, by clothes, by anything. This then unsettles the children and leads to a very grouchy household.

To combat this, an emergency night away (for the children) was hastily arranged with the grandparents and I could take my clothes off and relax.

Time for some sensory integration.

Ice cubes seemed obvious in the heat, but alternating these with heat and other sensory play was Mr Hunt’s wicked plan for the evening.

Wax has always a temptation and new candles had arrived a couple of weeks ago, but finding time to play… finding time to breathe has been hard for a few weeks.

Trussed up, and propped in front of the tv, I was told to concentrate on the Killer’s Glastonbury set whilst all available skin was set alight with sensation. Hot. Cold. Sharp. Soft…

Applying patterns bi-laterally combines both play and calming techniques learnt from occupational therapy and psychology to help me calm and settle.

In the heat, it was just what I needed to chill out.

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  1. Stunning image! We haven’t used wax for a while and this imageaies me want to again, gorgeous close up and I’m really interested in the bilateral concept.

    1. Hi! Sorry I’ve been “other life-ing” for a little bit. Thank you for your comment. I will see if I can dig out source materials, but the general idea is that patterns of stimulation that alternate between the left and right sides of your body (rhythmic tapping, or in this case, drops of wax) help to reunite the thought patterns in your brain… It is used in EMDR and other techniques to help create stable and useful thought patterns. Seems to work for me, whether it is being used properly or as a placebo. 🙂

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