Come ride…

Kiss the lips to see all the other Sinners this Sunday

Tidying my bedroom this afternoon I came across the laundry bag I term my “dressing up box”. It’s full of ideas and dreams that don’t go in the weekday underwear drawer.

The kids were at the park with the au pairs… so I had a little dressing up time. Not quite the adventures of Mr Benn or even what Sid and Rebecca had in mind while I was raising my kids, but all the same, a very relaxing break from reality.

No motorbikes available, but having had this week’s Top of the Pops on earlier, a little bit of Heart and Cher and all the other leather clad ladies that filled my young teen experience with ideas of what “sexy” might mean, the lovely Mr Hunt was persuaded to help me play.

One day I’ll have time and space to try something a little more adventurous than yet another cleavage shot… but in the meantime…

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