Unwrap me

Happy 500th Edition, Sinful Sunday.

Kiss the lips to see all the other beautiful sinners this week.

Thank you for giving me a place where I could see people like me, enjoying sharing their lives.

See sexy not just as a representation of beautifully arranged mainstream body parts, although undoubtedly there are many of those here, but as acts or ideas or bodies that are real and perfect in their imperfection.

For giving me the confidence to post my first pictures and the encouragement to play around and post more.

Come see the pretty things!

8 Replies to “Unwrap me”

    1. Thank you. I still can’t quite wrap my head round anyone appreciating my photos, but it’s nice to know I manage to get some technical bits ok… amazing what you can accomplish with an old phone and a reading lamp. I think the shot silk of the corset does really help because of how it catches the light, especially where it is all ruched. šŸ™‚

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