A Hard Day’s Night

Today was hard.

This evening I needed to go harder.

I needed to be out of my head. Away from the noise. Simplicity.

He takes me into the garden as day gives way to twilight. Over the wall, there is gentle babble of people enjoying a warm evening. Walking dogs. Playing football. The opening layer of bondage. Any words, any sounds, would carry the short few steps to the footpath, over the fence and fruit trees to the neighboring garden. I am bound into silence.

He strips me and leads me to kneel, air soft on naked skin, decking hard beneath my knees. I hear the rope swishing through his hands before he touches me. He makes me wait. Anticipate.

The bite and hold of rope. The pull of muscles held still. Rough fingers trailing proprietorially over portions left exposed. Each sensation layered upon the one before. Knots hanks of rope into bindings that say I am cared for. I am his.

Time has fallen silent. In my head. Between us.

Just the swish of the rope. The catch in my breath as he fucks into me. The stutter of his as he comes.

Kiss the lips to see who is playing out this Sunday

15 Replies to “A Hard Day’s Night”

    1. I am very fortunate to benefit from lovely rope work as a sort of side affect of His sailing/yachting hobby… so there is always surplus paracord hanging around, not looking suspicious at all and triggering lots of naught thoughts. Having the time to do it though is different… but the babysitting fees were worth it for this evening!

    1. Thank you x. I fiddled around with the words for hours after it was over… trying to catch hold of the moments and why it is so special to have time like that, so I’m glad that came through in the power of the words.

    1. It’s my favourite… photographs beautifully. Only a little sad I couldn’t make the colour pop more on the last shot, but it was after, and it was all I could do to get the damn thing in focus. 🙂

  1. Oh my goodness this is unbelievable hot…. especially that last line

    “Just the swish of the rope. The catch in my breath as he fucks into me. The stutter of his as he comes.” So much HOT

    1. It lasted into today, so that was good… Big week coming up, so I’m hanging onto a folder of fabulous images and this writing to keep sending me back there when I need it.

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