His, not mine.

I don’t like to look in the mirror: don’t like what I see.

Too big. Too lumpy. Too old. Too ugly.

He covers the reflection and tells me what he sees.

This body, he likes to remind me is His, not mine.

Not mine to criticize, His to feel proud of.

Not mine to mistreat, His to cherish.

Not mine to hate, His to love.

His to mark and photograph.

10 Replies to “His, not mine.”

  1. I love the dimple at the top of your bottom is the O in not. Brilliant image and I hope you will contribute more to Sinful Sunday in the future


    1. Making the misery stick do an “O” was a bit too tricky… so it was probably good luck on my part and a good eye for design on his… more pictures from our child free evening have been stored for future posts! Thanks Molly, x

    1. He framed it beautifully in the shot! Never in a million years did I think I’d post a photo like this, but … this is his choice, and my choice is up for #LIFE next week!

  2. This is really moving and I can relate. I once asked my Sir to write on me all that he saw (there’s a post on it) and it changed my perception of my body and quietened that inner critic.

    1. Two years ago we bought tattoo pens for leaving messages on me when he went sailing, this year we moved on to the longer lasting ink from inkbox… and this is courtesy of the misery stick I brought home from Eroticon this year… the H and E were especially stingy!

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