Time for Coffee.

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We have a new au pair to help us care for the kids. Which is great.

Sort of.

Having carers in, although completely necessary to allow the children to experience some independence, comes with the sacrifice of privacy. They have keys and come and go as necessary and although, because of the children’s vulnerability, they live in an adjoining flat, it still changes they dynamic of the whole house.

Not leaving your bedroom except when fully dressed.

We are very fortunate to have the support and to maintain some private spaces. I have a friend with physical support needs who due to Covid has agency rather than personally sourced carers and has twice been put to bed at 6pm. She has become so embarrassed at having strangers in her room, judging her, that she has thrown away her vibrator rather than have it discovered.

I digress.

He is lovely. Nice tattoos and a dirty French accent. Very patient.

One the last day before the au pair arrived, I revelled in a little housework. Because I could. Because it makes Mr Hunt smile when I serve morning coffee in his office, safe in the knowledge he never has his camera on.

your coffee?

I’ll miss this freedom.

And check out the lovely lingerie with perhaps a little more lace than mine!

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