One singular sensation…

Kiss the lips, there are sinners to be found

The prompt for 2nd August 2020 is: Single Subject

I really enjoy taking photos for Sinful Sunday and generally for this blog. Or being the subject of photos. Generally, Mr Hunt prefers to be the photographer. One night in the week, when the kids are gone, we’ll have a chat, especially if there is an upcoming prompt. Might frame a few things with the camera (and hastily delete them as I need my camera for work). It is a good way of moving the focus from LIFE – kids, work and everything else- to us. The macro to the micro.

I shared with Mr Hunt the prompt for this week and left it to him.

He decided to focus on one body part. In detail. For an hour or so. With toys.

Bless him, he’s thorough.

We each picked our favourite photograph from the session.

A sort of buy one get one free.

But they are both the same single subject.

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